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Help please! Inactive children, how long do they stay inactive?


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Sad mummy post really :(


I teach in Reception my daughter's school (she's in Y2 now). At the beginning of last year I took over the Reception class as my daughter moved into Y1 (I was in Y1 before). I took over our Tapestry account from the previous teacher too. Long story short, I downloaded a copy of my daughter's Tapestry journal to my computer from the staff login as I hadn't got a copy the summer she left YR. Once I'd dowloaded, her cohort only appeared in the inactive list of children. Now, a year on, I can't see where I have saved my daughter's learning journey on my computer and her cohort (2015/16) are no longer appearing on the list of inactive children, only last year's cohort. I can't remember whether I deleted her class or not.


Would I still see her cohort listed on the inactive children now if I hadn't deleted them please? Hope someone can help, I'm so sad and annoyed at myself.

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Hi Lauren,


In managing children you could look in the status and see if they are awaiting deletion...ensure that in cohort the filter is any. They may still be there depending on when you did it.


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