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How to make reports visible to relatives

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After you have created a report or 2 year progress check you can make the report visible to relatives and/or lock the report (so no more edits can be made).

When you are on the reports page for a specific child (1) you can either stay on the same page if you're only interested in the reports for a specific child OR click (2) 'View Reports for All Children' to see all reports that have been created on one page. 


After clicking on (2) in the above image, you will be presented with the following screen;

Allow and lock.jpg

(1) When you click on the Cog Icon, you will be given the following options:

(2) Lock the report so no further edits/changes can be made

(3) Allow relative access 

(4) Once you have performed either or both of these actions as required, a lock icon will appear next to the title of the observation to show that it has been locked AND/OR an eye icon will appear next to the title of the observation to show that relative access has been granted. If there is no eye icon next to the report, the relative does not have access to the report. 

You also have the option to delete the report if you wish to do so. 

You can also allow/disallow relative access and lock reports in bulk by doing the following;

Select all.jpg

(1) Select 'All' or 'Some' if you would like to specifically select several reports at once. 

bulk report access.jpg

(2) From the pop up box in the bottom right hand corner select from;

Lock (to stop further edits)

Unlock (to allow editing the report)

Allow relative access (permit the relative to view the report from their profile)

Disallow relative access (remove relative access to the report)

Then click 'Go'. 

The relative will then receive a notification (depending upon your notification settings) that a report is available for them to view. 


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