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Analysis function for end of year progress prediction for SLT?


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My senior leadership team have requested that I produce a document that shows where children should be at by the end of the academic year based on their starting points. This data will be used to show that the children have made expected progress which is 3 steps in our Nursery setting. (It is, of course, hoped that we will be able to 'add value' by the end of the year so that the children are in, or above, the ARE/ expected development age range). :unsure:


The starting point for this data will be last year's, end of term 3, summative assessment data for existing students from our Pre-Nursery class and our new baselines for 'new to the setting' students.


Is there a way that I can use the Tapestry analysis section to suck out this type of information to predict where children will be at the end of the year? The only way I can think of doing this is manually sucking out starting points for individual children then (manually) adding it to a separate spreadsheet....do other people have to do this too?


Ideas pleeeeeease!


Thank you!



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We have two new screens planned which will help you with this :1b

1) A new snapshots screen where you'll be able to set it to show where you'd like children to be regardless of their age. For example, at the beginning of the spring term, you'll be able to set it to show all those children who are at, above, below 40-60 emerging. You'll then see which children are likely to be on/not on track for ELGs at the end of the year.

2) We'll be creating a 'steps of progress' screen which will show you easily how many 'steps' children have passed through, eg 30-50 emerging to secure is 2 steps.


These screens will be available later this term.

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Hi Helen,


Can't wait for the new screens so I can tick this off my list!

These data chores are my least favourite things about my job :wacko: I would much rather be teaching and learning with my class and colleagues.

Thanks Tapestry for always being responsive to the needs of your community.

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