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i have been setting tapestry up for our setting. i am wanting to transfer all the children stages of development over.

I have done this for one child from our current online system, I am having problems tracking them in the correct age in the summative assessment area as for example this child is emerging in birth to 11 maths area but has covered one of the statements in 8-20 through another observation (they have not secured this statement i have left it as no refinement).so on the old child's tracking it shows they are emerging in birth to 11 months,this is correct whereas on tapestry because I have put that observation on in the 8 - 20 age it is saying the child is secure in the birth - 11 when they should be emerging.

can anyone help me.



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Well done on making your first post. :1b


To offer some assistance to you, the summative assessments on Tapestry are calculated as an average of the assessments you make for a particular aspect.


By default, these are set to be calculated based on the age bands and refinements you select within an observation. On Tapestry the refinements refer to the whole age band, not to individual statements. If you have your summative assessment settings set to 'age band and refinement' if you do not select a refinement, by default Tapestry will select the refinement of 'developing'.


If at the end of your assessment period you do not agree with the estimation Tapestry has calculated for a child, you can always manually override this from the individual view in the 'summative assessment' section in the Snapshots.


I am attaching the analysis tutorial which might help you understand: Analysis tutorial.


Looking at your example, if you have a baby that you are assessing at both 0-11 months and 8-20 months in different aspects you will need to think about the following:

  • Both age bands are split into 3 parts Emerging, Developing Secure. In 0-11 months, If you look at this chart you will see what I mean: Refinements.png

A child who 8 months and who is marked as secure in 0-11 months, will be in the 7 months and 11 months section for refinements and so will be 'on track' as far as Tapestry is concerned (they will show up green in the charts), similarly the same child, at 8 months can be 'on track' if they are marked as 'Emerging' in the 8-20 months section.

If you leave the refinement blank then Tapestry will take 'developing' as a middle band and this will affect the overall average.

With the assessment you have described, you have one assessment at 0-11 months emerging - to be 'on track' with Tapestry that baby needs to be between 0 and 4 months only. If you have another observation assessing the baby at 8-20 with no refinement Tapestry will assume 'Developing' when it comes to make the overall assessment. This is why the average is giving you a result you don't recognise.

What you need to do is this:

  • Assess the whole age band, not just the statement
  • Make sure your summative assessment is set to look at age bands and refinements only, not statements
  • If you are happy that the child is making expected progress, and is not SEND or gifted and talented, use the refinement charts to guide your thinking when assessing observations so that you don't end up with hugely differing assessments.

This article might help you understand how to assess observations using Tapestry: Observing and assessing extended tutorial for Tapestry users

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