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Hi there. I am new to Tapestry and need some advice.... We have 3 tablets in the setting that the staff use to take photos. If they do not have time to write the obs during session, the photos sit in the photo gallery until the end of the day. Is there a way to upload all the photos from the 3 tablets into a single gallery within Tapestry, so that when the staff log in at a later date, they can drag the photos into the obs they are writing.


Currently they need to be working on the tablet that has their photos on. If they use their personal computer they are unable to upload the photos as they are still on the tablet.


I tried to create a fictitious key person and upload all the photos from the tablet into that account, but I am now unsure how to move them into the relevant key persons obs.


Hope this makes sense. :wacko: Thanks

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Hi Julie,

Just to let you know, we have replied to the email you sent us about this issue. At the moment in Tapestry, all photos and videos are directly uploaded to the observation they were added with, and are only visible by viewing that particular observation. So what this means is there is no central gallery for all your staff members to pick a photo from. You'd either have to set up your own shared network or cloud storage system for that, or have it saved on one particular computer or tablet device you own.


As you mention you could improvise something in Tapestry, uploading photos to an observation for a fake child that all your staff can see. Your staff would then have to download those photos from Tapestry to their devices, and upload them again to the observation they wanted to use the photo with.


This would be quite time consuming, and may present a safeguarding risk if you have multiple downloaded copies of photos on different devices, and no real way of managing them. We'd recommend instead you setup a shared storage system that your staff can access, and all photos are uploaded there for staff to access on any device. Alternatively you could connect your tablets to your laptops via usb and transfer the photos that way.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance, though for the quickest response please send an email to customer.service@eyfs.info

Best wishes,

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