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As some of you may have noticed we have just added a couple of new statuses/labels to staff members and relatives;

- Activating
- Not Activated
- Duplicate
- Unsubscribed


Each of these have their own tutorials, but I wanted to write this brief(ish) post so they’re not completely alien to you and to give you a chance to ask any questions you have about them.


I'm also going to talk about the statuses of 'Awaiting deletion' and 'Being deleted'. These aren't so new, but this is a good time to make you aware of them if you aren't already!


Activating/Not Activated


These will appear when you first add a relative or staff member to your account. Hopefully you’ll already be familiar with the ‘activation email’? Well, up to now, that’s just been a way to set a password. These new statuses will mean that that email does also actually activate the account, so the new staff member/relative won’t be able to login before they’ve clicked the link in the email.


You can still activate the account straight away by setting a password for the user (see Brandon (1) in the screenshot below), but you will need to tell them what it is yourself (we won’t send them an email with their password in).





If like with Brenda (2) though, you send them the ‘activation email’ when setting them up, they will be marked as ‘Activating’ until they use the activation email or 30 days pass (or they unsubscribe, which effectively says they don’t recognise Tapestry, but I’ll come back to that). If they use the activation email they’ll become active, and so be able to login, but if they don’t use it in 30 days their status will go to ‘Not Activated’, like Brian (3) in the image above. At that point you’ll need to resend the activation email if you still want them to access Tapestry.


‘Not activated’ means they’re on your Tapestry account but they’ve never been set a password to access it. You’ll also see people in this status if they have just been transferred in as part of a child’s profile or if you’ve decided to add them to the account but not send them an activation link yet.


There are a couple of great things about this feature.

1) You’ll easily be able to find the users you’ve invited to access Tapestry but that haven’t accepted the invitation (by filtering for activating).




2) There is less of a chance that you’ll accidentally give the wrong person access to Tapestry (by adding the wrong email). If you were to do that, then the person who owns the email you’ve added will still receive the link to set up the account, but they won’t start receiving notifications of new observations like they do now. This means they’re less likely to be curious about it and either unsubscribe (again we’ll come back to this later) from that first email or assume it is a one-off spam message and delete it.


3) It means you can add users before you’re ready for them to access Tapestry and send them the activation email when it’s convenient.


Our adding staff members and adding relative tutorials will tell you a bit more about the process but if you have any follow up questions, just send an email to customer.service@eyfs.info and we'll be happy to help!


Awaiting deletion/being deleted


This isn’t brand new, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you about it anyway just in case you’ve missed it. When you delete a user/child on Tapestry you have 90 days to change your mind. Staff and relative accounts wait this time out in the ‘awaiting deletion section’. You can see that Sharon Jackson in the screen shot below is in this status. As long as she is in this status she won’t be able to login to Tapestry and won’t be receive any messages from us.




On day 89 that message will change to ‘deletion will begin imminently’. This doesn’t actually change anything, it just means that you have less than a day to reactivate them if you want to keep that account.




Once the 90 days have passed the user will disappear from your manage staff/manage relatives list, but if there are still comments/observations authored by them, they will remain in a hidden part of your account but with the extra special status of ‘being deleted’. Their comments and observations will stay on the account though until you decide to delete the children they are attached to. You cannot reactivate the user once they have moved to 'Being Deleted' and they will disappear completely as soon as everything they have authored has also gone from your account.


You can reuse their email address though - it will just have to be for a brand new user.


You can learn a bit more about this, if you're interested, in the deleting staff members and deleting relatives tutorials.





At some point, you might see a tag next to a staff member or relative’s name saying ‘unsubscribed’. This means that the person who owns the email address you set the account up with has received a Tapestry related email (notification or activation email) but have clicked on a link to say they don’t want to receive anything else and they do not recognise Tapestry at all so don’t want to have access to a Tapestry account. Because of this, they will automatically become 'inactive' (or not 'activated' if they were 'activating' rather than 'active' before they unsubscribed), as with Walter Zeether, below.




Sometimes this can be done in error, for example by a parent or grandparent who didn’t get the message that you’d be setting them up, or has forgotten and has no idea what Tapestry is. Sometimes however, it’s done on purpose because you’ve set the user up with the wrong email address. It can be something as minor as a dot in the wrong place or a .com rather than a .co.uk but that can mean that the email address actually belongs to someone completely unknown to you.


We don’t allow you to resubscribe people who have unsubscribed because we have to assume it was done on purpose (for the sake of safeguarding on your account and so we’re not sending what will be seen as spam) but we do allow you to send them an email asking them if they would like to resubscribe.


It’s really important that you are 100% sure that the email address does belong to who you thought, though, and that they did click on that link by accident or just because they weren’t aware of Tapestry. People won’t be unsubscribed automatically so if you ask the parent and they say they didn’t unsubscribe, do not send them the resubscribe email – someone unsubscribed and if it wasn’t them it was someone who shouldn’t have access to the data you’re putting into Tapestry.

If you do need to resubscribe the user or change their email address and then resubscribe them though you can do so just by clicking on the unsubscribe label (1) and then 'More information' (2).




If you'd like to see how this works in more depth, check out our 'dealing with the unsubscribe and resubscribe process' tutorial.




The duplicate tag is another one you might see from time to time, especially after you’ve just finished a transfer or uploaded some users via CSV.




As you might already be aware we don’t allow you to add the same email address twice to one Tapestry account. This duplicate feature means you can add the same email address twice but the user won’t be able to log into both until you have either deleted one of them, merged the two accounts together, or changed the email address of one.

This will be particularly useful when a member of staff leaves and a new member of staff inherits their email address e.g. with office email addresses, and when you already have a parent on your account for their first child and then a second child transfers in.

This tutorial explains it in more detail, but to decide what you do you just need to click on the ‘duplicate’ tag and 'More information' and then follow the instructions.




Our 'fixing duplicate accounts' tutorial tells you a bit more about this.


If you have any questions about any of this though please do send us an email - our address is customer.service@eyfs.info.

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