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I am a very angry nursery nurse!!!


I'm frustrated by the way the teacher changes her mind at the drop of a hat!


I've just heard today, via a text, that our topic for the next 6 wks has been changed to night and day.


I'm just wondering if any of you have used this as a topic for nursery.


I'd appreciate any plans you may have.



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it is a lovely topic to do :) Do you know why she has changed it at such short notice?We would only change or extend a topic if the children had iniated it!

Never mind chin up we have done the following

sounds in the day/night (theres a lovely story about mr bear who cant sleep cos of the noise cant remeber it at mo)

peoples different jobs day/night

sun/moon (whatever next or catch me the moon daddy)


routines day/night

bedtime stories etc



growing cress experimenting putting it in a cupboard and in the light

will keep thinking for you


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Animals - owls, hedgehogs, bats etc.

Why the change? As Andreamay said, if it's child initiated, but it seems s bit late in the day to change plans, if starting tomorrow!


Good luck!

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You are moving towards Easter so coming up to Spring so 'time' is a good one because the hours of daylight will lengthen. Looking at wildlife and spring growth fits in too - sort of. A good addition to role-play could be some tunnels for underground animals, and you could add torches to fit in with the 'dark/light' part of this theme.

I always did this topic coming up to Christmas because it fitted in with light and Autumn celebrations.

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Sorting clothes for daytime and night-time, then cutting and sticking clothes from catalogues on black paper for pyjamas etc. and light blue paper for daytime clothes.

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