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Adding new parents ?


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Hello Heathersidepreschool,


When adding the relative as inactive, for password method if you select the 'email and activation link to the user' option, the relative will receive an email with a 'create your password' link (even if they are added as inactive). The link however will not work as they have been added as inactive on your account.


We are currently working on improving this by introducing a new user status for inactive relatives and this feature should be available in the near future!


For now, you can add the relatives as inactive and select the 'manually enter a password' option for them. You can then add random passwords/PINS for the relatives (which they will not receive) to avoid relatives receiving any emails until you are ready to activate their accounts. At this time you can either inform them of the passwords you have added or send password reset emails for them to set their own passwords).


More information about adding relative accounts can be found at this tutorial.


If you are adding the relatives via a CSV file, more information can be found at this tutorial.

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