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Hello everyone,

My head was meant to be observing me a wk on monday. All teachers are observed termly. On friday she came to change the observation date to this monday. The focus is 'stimulus through writing' (as it was last time) and my topic is frogs. I was going to start the topic by doing the life cycle, making zig zag books etc, but my stimulus would not be overly exciting and I know what she would say. Now I'm thinking of looking at a descriptive frog poem and then a real frog (my TA has a pond and all will be frog friendly), getting the children to use words to decribe the frog through observation and talk then recording in some way as a group activity. Then I would do the life cycle later in the week. Doe thhis sound ok? Aslo I can't find a descriptive frog poem or song of any kind - does anyone konow of any? And has anybody got ideas of a good way to record the describing words?

Please help - time is not on my side!!


Thanks in advance,


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I know the sunfrog moon frog story that i tell to my pre-schoolers I dont know how you can get writing out of it but it involves lots of wonderful interaction with the children using lots of different vocab and sounds if its of any help



Hi Andrea, have searched for the sun frog moon story as like the sound of the interaction and sounds but can't seem to find anything about it. Can you let me know where to find/tell me the story?! Thanks.

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Thank you very much Marion, I appreciate the story. It's definitely something I could use at some pint next week.+ :)


Whoops clearly have tonights visit to the pub on my mind! At some POINT next wk!!

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hi Emma,

the story is from the mary medlicot booklet unfortunatly it is at school but know it well so will tell you

are you sitting comfortably? :)

There was once two frogs named Sun Frog and Moon Frog and they lived by a pool and they sat on lilly pods all day

Jumping (move elbows up and down)

Blinking (blink your eyes)

licking (stick tongue out to catch flies)

ribbiting(sorry cant remeber last one but the children do this anyhow)somebody might know it and tell you

Encourage all the childrento join in with you


One day it started to rain (patting on the knees gently)

then it got heavier (pat a little louder)

and heavier (louder)

When suddennly a beautiful bird with a tail of beautiful colours flew down called the Tikka-tikka bird(cross your wrists and wriggle your fingers when you introduce the tikka tikka bird and whisper tikka tikka tikka tikka

she told them she had come to warn them that the rain would not stop and there would be a flood they must follow her and she would show them to asafe place

but they were very rude and wouldnt listen to her and told her to go awayand they continued to sit there

jumping blinking licking and ribbiting(do the sounds and actions)

so she flew away(tikka tikka dont forget hand movements)

but the rain came down even harder (lots of loud patting)

and the floods came up the frogs were so scared they climbed a tree and the floods came higher and higher the follish frogs were very scared by now

when suddenly they saw the tikka tikka bird(tikka tikka)coming back

she told them to climb on her back and she would take them to a safe place to live so that is waht they did and she flew away (tikka tikka) and put them gentlydown in a safe place where they lived from that day

jumping blinking licking and ribbiting

they said thank you to the tikka tikka bird(tikka tikka)as she flew away and told her they would miss her she told them that whenever they saw the sun and the rain to look into the sky and they would see her tail of beautiful coloured feathers!(a rainbow ofcourse)

you can add anything you want elabourate on the sounds i usally have 2 plastic frogs to start the story to get their attention and we do use drums and rainsticks for sound efect sometimes you will have to have a clear sign to ask them to stop tho!!!

hope it is of any good i think the other is flicking actually flick with your fingers but I say ribbiting aswell cos the children love going ribbit ribbit

dont worry telling it word for word write it out in pointers and as long as you get the dirft of the story it will be fine

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Well, in terms of life-saving, :o 'The star apple'. It never fails to stop my lot in their tracks when they start to 'go off on one' as it were.


Have you seen the storytellers in the Warm temperate biome at the Eden Project??



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Well, in terms of life-saving,  :o  'The star apple'. It never fails to stop my lot in their tracks when they start to 'go off on one' as it were.


Have you seen the storytellers in the Warm temperate biome at the Eden Project??





What's the star apple Sue?


I couldn't find a poem about frogs, but... whilst I was looking I came across a load of frog stuff in Literacy on Display (Belair), & in case it is useful either for your observation or just generally, I thought I'd share some of the contents:



Big Book: Leaping Frogs, by Melvin Berger


- Write simple sentences, beginning with capital letter, ending with full stop, giving a frog fact, e.g. 'A frog has webbed feet.'

- Look at other non fiction books about frogs, discussing differences & similarities. Look at book components (index etc.)

- Write a fact file about frogs.

- Write a diary about life as a frog - taking readers through life-cycle.



Frog in the Throat, by Martin Waddell


- Make up a different ending to the story.

- Discuss what a frog in the throat means.

- List different ways the giraffe tried to remove it in the story.

- Write alliterative frog sentences or phrases, such as 'A friendly frog fried fruit on Friday.'

- Write rhyming sentences about frogs, e.g. 'My frog can leap in his sleep.'

- Ask children to sort books in to fiction and non-fiction and give reasons.


Poems & Rhymes:

The Frog's Lament, by Aileen Fisher (A first poetry book selected by John Foster)

Porwigles, by Jule Holder (A first poetry book selected by John Foster)



Art & Design:


- Colour mix shades of green and paint on to green frog-shaped paper;

- Make collage frog masks using green sticky paper;

- Sew bean-filled frogs using felt;

- Model the life-cycle of a frog using clay.




- Make giant lily-pads and number them 1 -10. Ask children to investigate sums they can make (could do other number based activities with these)

-Put two lily pads 1 metre apart. Ask children if they can jump as long as 1 metre, more than a metre, or less than a metre. Plot results. Ask children to estimate & record how far they can jump.




- Research life-cycle of a frog by observing frog spawn and recording observed changes.

- Pond dipping.

- Make a poster showing the importance of keeping ponds clean and safe for wildlife.


Dance, drama and role play:


- Dance like frogs to: 'Jump' by the Pointer Sisters, OR 'It's so quiet' by Bjork (???)

- Practise dance sequences with children mimicing movements of tadpoles/frogs(jumping, swimming, catching flies)

- Create a group dance incorporating all aspects of frogs life cycle. Perform in correct order.



Don't know if any of this is useful to you - some of it may well be above your children - parts of it are certainly above my 3-year-olds! But some could be adapted.


Good luck!

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Hi Ellie,


Personally, I'd go with Jump by Van Halen, but that's just me! :o


If you try the appendix to the storytelling article in the members articles you'll be able to read the story. Sorry, but I cannot make the link work!


Sue xD

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How about recording adjectives on to lily pad cards which can then be laminated and used either in water tray (don't know how long laminated card lasts in water - anybody know) OR on an interactive display of a pond. The children could then reinact the story or poem, or use it for 5 little speckled frogs.

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Wow! Thanks so much everybody! Andrea I love that story it's fab! Thanks so much for taking the time to type it all down for me. Also thanks for the ideas from Belair chocolate girl, there are some things that sound interesting there. Though I'm with you, not sure how Bjork's oh so quiet lins so much with frogs - loving the pointer sisters idea though!!!!


Really apprecitae everyone's help. Now I will have saturday night off and prepare an excellent lesson plan tomorrow!


Emma x

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