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So I'm very new to tapestry.....

In fact I'm just watching tutorials and getting a few children added so that I can have a play!


It looks good, looks simple.


I have a question and I can't quite see how to do what I want to do.


I have added staff.

I have made them full staff not PIN only.

I want them to be able to log into tapestry and it not to be something I alone have to do for them and then they just use PIN numbers.


BUT I want control of who can publish observations to the parent.

If I sign in as one of my staff I note that they can approve an ob for publication and I want that to be something only I can approve.

How do I do this please?

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Glad you managed to find it Scarlettangel!

For anyone else reading this with the same question, staff members with 'Full Account' status can log into Tapestry with an email address and password, or a PIN on the app (if someone from your setting has already logged into that device), but managers can still control what they can publish from within the 'Control Panel'. Just go to 'User Permissions' and make sure you're in the Staff section, then read through the options there and change what you like. You can find a tutorial for it here.

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