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manually overwriting


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having fiddled with the assessments I think that the manually overwritten statement 'over-rides' all other assessments before and after it....would this be correct then?????


(sorry bit confusing!!)


so say if I said a child was 16 -24 months on their assessment in a manually overwritten statement and then they came to play with me and showed a much higher level of attainment (say 30-50 months) which I wrote an ob for the system would still register them as 16-24 months until I get rid of a manual over ride???????

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Hi Finleysmaid,


You're correct in that a manual override will stay in place even if new assessments are made after the manual override. These new assessments will not be taken into account. What you would need to do now is to reset the manual override by manually overriding it to the score as calculated by Tapestry. To see the score as calculated by Tapestry, you would need to click on the 'show details' button. Once you have done this, new assessments will then be taken into account for the average score.


We are intending on changing this though so that new assessments may be included after a manual override has been made.

Best wishes, Rebecca H

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