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Analysing your data on Tapestry


There will be analysis screens to help you get the most out of the data you have input to Tapestry. These have not yet been finalised as we wanted to be sure we have covered the full range of data you will want to see.

The new analysis section will have screens to help teachers with their planning, preparation and their own class monitoring. In addition, there will be screens to help senior staff and governors track cohorts and show significant data for reporting purposes.

There will be summary tables which will show the percentage of a group that are achieving at/above/below in particular subjects. Like other group screens on Tapestry you would be able to filter which group you see, for instance boys, girls, SEN etc. There will also be summary charts for individual children which will show their progress in subjects over time.

For individual children, you will be able to calculate the points of progress they have made over time for whole subjects and also for aspects within subjects. We have factored in a calculation that will enable you to track even very small points of progress.
Another screen we are developing will show where the percentage of children are attaining for each term, so somewhat similar to the ‘Age Band Tracker’ that is already available for EYFS on Tapestry.

We will also add tracking screens for whole subjects which can then be further narrowed down by area.

We would love any feedback about additional information you need to be able to see and tell us too if there is a particular way you would like to see this data displayed.
In summary, here is a list of the data we anticipate you will want to be able to see, if we have missed anything then please let us know!


Analysis data

In all cases, viewing all children and then being able to split according to different groups e.g. Boys/EAL/PP/SEND

  • % children working +/=/- expected attainment/progress (MAP) for whole subjects (e.g. English) and for areas within subjects (e.g. writing)
  • % of children falling within different Tiers (1-5) for each outcome statement within each subject (e.g. Maths / Number / Statement ‘Count to and across 100…’)
  • % of children falling within different Tiers (1-5) for each Area within a subject (e.g. Maths / Number)
  • % of children falling within different Tiers (1-5) for each subject (e.g. Maths)
  • % of children absent in different subjects including impact of absence on outcome statements
  • % of subject taught (curriculum coverage)
  • Ability in all cases to be able to compare group % to other groups
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