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When exporting the leanring journals at the end of the year or when a child leaves why does this not include a copy of their reports and snapshots?

If I can do this please tell me how otherwise writing a half termly report on the child seems pointless if it's not including in the exported PDF to give to the parent and surely the entire add report option is pointless also.



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Hi mightyred1,


The PDF export of the journal only includes observations as we tend to see that and the reports/snapshots as separate things and to combine them hasn't been something that has been requested very frequently. Furthermore, including them all could cause problems, for example, if you've created lots of reports throughout the year and only want to include 1 or 2 of them, or some of them are not created to be seen by relatives at all. As such there would need to be options regarding exactly which ones you would like to be included, and this would often mean you needing to see each report/snapshot to confirm you are including the correct one.


As such, whilst it's not possible for them to be included in the journal export, you can export copies of reports and snapshots from those sections and then either give print outs of them to relatives or provide them as PDFs. It's not possible to make snapshots visible to parents on their own Tapestry accounts, but you can make reports visible and downloadable for them directly.

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