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A few years ago a colleague came to me and said that her daughters friend had made the friends son do a walk of shame because he had messed.

As manager would you report it to services or would you consider this good information or heresay???

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Is this something that happened in her friend's home? Did your colleague witness the incident? It takes a lot of confidence to tackle something like that incident head on at the time even though it may be a friend. The parent in my opinion needed to be offered alternative actions she could take an explained to in terms she might understand herself how humiliating children in that way is unacceptable for many reasons. I suspect the mum may well have been treated in the same way as a child - a parenting style handed on may be.


If it happened recently I would perhaps talk to my Early Years Safeguarding Officer rather than Services and I would ask my colleague to keep an eye on the situation for other incidents happening where the parent is demeaning the child.


A general rule these days is the person who has witnessed the abuse should be the one to report it, rather than passing it on to a third party.

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