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HELP! Wow lesson for job interview


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Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping some of you wonderful people can help. I have just received news I have been shortlisted for a reception teacher post. I need to plan and deliver a math lesson for 15 children working 40-60mths band on the follow:

Can I use quantities and objects to subtract 2 single digit numbers and count back to find the answer? Can I record using marks I can interpret and explain?

The topic in reception is Spring/farm. No TA will be available. That's all the information I have been given. My mind is blank, i really would like to do well. I have not had a job interview for years so a little nervous. Also says i will have another task but that will be given on the day. The interview is on Thursday.

Thanks in advance. Any help would be greatly appreciated. x


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You could use the farmer Pete song - Farmer Pete he has ten sheep, ten were in the pen. Ten are safe and 3 have gone. ten take away three is ...... Use practical resources to move escaped animals from their pens or you could be a farmer and the children the animals! Use of a number line is good for counting back too. For recording I say "show me on your page" to get them to record so they can do it pictorially or with numbers etc in a way that makes sense to them. I think mixing an active, song, role play etc might be ideal with a farm theme!

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