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Upsy Daisy

The imbalance of power between parents and professionals

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There are two new blogs that I thought might be helpful to share with practitioners on FSF.

The first is about the power that professionals hold in their interactions with parents of children with additional needs and how we can avoid abusing that power. It's something I believe everyone needs to be aware of if they want to work in true partnership with parents and was written from my personal perspective.



The second is written by another mum and is one that I think could be used to reflect on whether we are always qualified to offer the opinions asked of us. It is crucial that we record observations, rather than assumptions but how far should we go to make the limitations of our knowledge and experience clear when recording those observations? After all, if we aren't trained to see the more subtle signs of anxiety, they won't appear in our observations and that could mean vital evidence is missed in a diagnostic discussion.




Feedback, positive or negative, would be very much appreciated.



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