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Simple Penguin Crafts?


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HI guys.. please may someone help me think of a few simple crafty activities based around penguins?? possibly somehtin that doesnt need too much adult support... i'd be grateful of any suggestions!


I have had a search but not had much joy..


Thanks in advance x

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It's not a craft but an activity......if you've got a builders tray or tuff spot, you could fill it with shaving foam and do a small world Arctict world with penguins and polar bears etc.


Painting with feathers?

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kitchen roll middles or card tubes cut in halves, black paper white paper scissors glue pens and pictures of penguins.


we put all these out and left the children to do what they will,

Hey penguins arrived in several forms, individual, different, and novel.

(one child asked for sequins and used these for eyes)


if you want you can make an example for them to give an idea of what to make.





The foam is fun too, add glitter for a sparkle.


Ice in the water tray with the animals or add to the foam activity

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