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Hi stmartinsschool,


We do have plans to add a 'labelling' system to Tapestry which will allow you to connect chosen words and phrases to an observation, then allow you to see everything linked to each of those labels. We think this might be a really good way of achieving what you're asking for. We don't have an exact time frame for that but keep an eye out for new articles being released here after Easter - there is one in creation about how to make Tapestry work for you if you are working in this method.


We do have a slightly less sophisticated system that you might want to consider for now though. That is writing a quick note about the teaching in the 'Additional Information' text box which you can turn on from within the 'Settings' - 'Observations' section of your control panel. You can hide that from relatives by going to the 'Settings' > 'Relatives' section.


As long as the terms you're using there are more than 3 letters long you can then search for observations where you've written a specific thing by using the 'Search' bar on the main 'Observations' page.

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