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Change to the 'view only key children' setting.


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Hi Weavers,

One of the changes we have recently made to Tapestry affects how the 'view only key children' setting works.

Previously, managers would decide whether staff members could see all children, only their key children, or be able to make the decision for themselves. This was however, a bulk setting, so it wasn't possible to have one option for one staff member and another for a different staff member.


After feedback from a number of you saying that you would like it to be more flexible, we have added a range of 'user permissions'. You can find those in the control panel.




From the screen shown above, if you scroll down the page a bit, you'll get to the 'Children' section where you can set a default setting and/or say whether each specific staff member (non manager) is or is not permitted to see children other than their key children. If you would like to give staff members the choice of who they see, you should set them as 'permitted'.

Click here for a tutorial on how you can add key children to staff members and managers




Managers and staff who are permitted to see all children will still be able to choose in their edit preferences screen (in the drop down list from their name) whether they see all children or only their key children, but unlike staff members who are forced to only see key children, they will be able to change this at any point. Please note that the chosen setting will apply to the app as well as the browser, but for now, the setting itself can only be changed through the browser version of Tapestry.




What staff members who are forced to only see their key children can see on Tapestry hasn't changed from how it has been up to now, but there have been a few changes for managers and the staff who can choose whether they see all or only key children.


1) When you have opted to only view key children, children who are not key children but who have been attached to the same observation as one of your key children will now show up in the list of attached children for that observation. Previously they would only show up when you edited the obs. You will aslo be able to click on their names to go to their overview if you'd like. This is not the case for staff who are forced to only see key children though.




2) When you make an observation or go to snapshots you will be able to select any child, but your key children will be at the top. This will be the case regardless of whether you are set to see only key children or all children and will apply to the app too.




3) You will see that your filters are set to only show results relating to your key children. If you want to change this on a singular page you can, but clicking on the link to restore the filters to default will set them back to showing only your key children.

If you want to toggle between seeing all or seeing only key children on all pages the quickest way is to still use your edit preferences page.




If you are a staff member who has been forced to see only key children, you won't notice any real changes. There won't be a specific indication that what you can see is limited to results relating to your key children group, but if you go to your edit preferences screen you can see that you are set to only see them.




You won't be able to see the names of any non key children anywhere, except if you edit an observation where they are already attached. In those cases, when you click on a non key child's name, as if to go to their 'overview page' you will get an error message saying that Tapestry could not find that page. You will be able to remove them from the obs, but it won't be possible to re add them again, so if you do accidentally delete the wrong child, either leave the observation without saving your changes, or ask a manager to add that child back in. In places where you can select groups, only the groups which include a key child of yours will show up.


If you have any questions or feedback about this please do get in touch - just email us at customer.service@eyfs.info.

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