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Help Needed With Schemes Of Work& Planning


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we are new to the forum and are in need of help with planning and timetabling for Nursery and Reception. What types of planning formats do other schools use? How are you planning your schemes of work? What types of timetables and routines do you have in place. Any examples of formats would be very helpful. We are awaiting an OFSTED inspection and want to know that we are on the right lines. Thank you.

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Hi Emmaed

Welcome to the forum.

If you look in the top right hand corner of the page you will see a green box with "Search forum posts". Put in planning or timetables and you will find lots of discussions on both.

Hope that helps.


PS Good luck with your OFSTEd!

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Hi and welcome!

You will find lots of different planning proformas in the members articles and in posts---search button on top right!

Planning is a constant topic of converstation and the Norfolk ngfl site has some excellent plans!

Hope you can find something to help you and ask again once you have done some research. Good luck.

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Welcome from me too

We are a Foundation Stage Unit and have just been OFSTED :o Our planning is very similar to the Norfolk planning already mentioned. OFSTED never looked at our planning this time around as the inspections are very short they spent most of the time observing and talking to the children.


good luck



This is our medium term planning for our OFSTED Short term planning is unfortunately at school have added blank format




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Welcome emmaed. You will find lots and lots of help and support on here - as you can see already. There are some fantastic articles on Foundation Stage Units and how they organsise the day. Planning is so closely linked to timetabling, organisation and environment. You will find plans for continuous provision and then all sorts of ideas for long, medium and short term plans. At the end of the day you will need to look at it all and decide what is best for you and your setting.

Are you new to your setting and do they already have planning in place or are you starting from scratch? Some LEAs have guidelines for Foundation Stage does yours?

Good luck and keep posting. :D

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