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Just wondered how everyone managed photos that contain more than one child? I understand the setting for children in group obs in disable parents from viewing it but I'm thinking more along the lines of it a child is working with another/ in the background. We have two parents out of 50 who haven't given permission for their children to appear in another child's learning journey (even thought the download option is disabled). The only way I can see is editing before we upload- any other ideas please?

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Hello Bright Star Pre-School!


At the moment, Tapestry does not have the option to blur/pixelate faces in photos with multiple children - however this is something our team is working on including in the future!


For now, you can indeed edit the photo before uploading it to Tapestry in order to mask the faces of the children who are not permitted to be included in photographs for other children's learning journals.

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Hi Sneha,

Has there please been any progress regarding the use of photos that include groups of children?  We too have a few parents who'd rather their children were not accessible to others.

I can manage individual parents being able to view group media, of course, but I'd ideally like to give permission for this by pupil as opposed to by parent.

Thanks in advance.


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I'm afraid this isn't something we have been able to start work on yet. We have over 800 things on our list of features to add/change, so you can see we are keeping our developers very busy! 

In the mean time, we suggest you use another app to edit photos if they include another child. 

We will keep you updated with any progress we make on this. 

Best wishes,


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