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We have parents on tapestry but for parents who have separated, we have given additional parental agreements but some parents we don't see, those parents have told us - its okay we share the log in details. Does anyone else have this issue? or what does anyone else do about situations like this?


Also how can I change the staff members name on a report created? Staff have wrote reports up in notes and someone typed them into tapestry but it is now not in the key persons name, can you change this like you do on the observations?



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Hello Michelle,


The parents do not necessarily have to share a log in, they can be set up with their own accounts which will have different log ins -as long as they have an email address you can add to their profile. You can then attach the child to both their relative profiles and they will have access to their child's Tapestry. Bear in mind, that both parents will be able to see any comments/observations they both add to their child's Tapestry profile.


Regarding changing the author of a report; this cannot be amended at the moment therefore we always suggest that the staff member who has written the report, is logged in on their own account when they upload a report.

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