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Ipods or Ipads?


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We currently use Ipads in FS1 and 2 settings in our school but we find them quite cumbersome and we are interested in changing to ipods so they can be carried around on lanyards, keeping hands free. Does anyone have any advice about which ipods are the best for this purpose ie to record observations/ take photos, please? Presumably the screens need to be big enough for us to type information quickly and easily, as we currently do with the ipads (and bearing in mind that 6/8 of us are at the 'reading glasses age'!

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Hi Nedwards,


Welcome to the forum! The most recent ipod touch released in 2012 would probably be what you are looking for. It can currently be updated to iOS 9.3.3, so it should be compatible with Tapestry for a couple of years. The iPod touch is roughly the same size as an iPhone, so you might find it a little bit small for regular use. It may be worth looking into getting iPad minis, we've received feedback that they are a good compromise between usability and portability.


Best wishes,



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