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How to get parents involved in children's learning


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This is an interesting article form the Guardian today. Obviously we think Tapestry is the best way to get parents involved with their child's education journey. ;)

I know lots of you use Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch with your families - does anyone use anything else?

Family ties: how to get parents involved in children's learning

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We also think Tapestry is the best way we involve parents. Our learning bags and our lending library are a great help and parents have really engaged with them in conjunction with Tapestry where they upload photos and comments of the children using the bags.

We have an app which is useful as we send a message when we upload a newsletter or information about what the children are doing, also we can use it to remind parents when something is going on such as world book day.


I am currently preparing a task sheet for the children to complete during the easter holiday with some items to collect, things to identify and count in the supermarket, some family members/pets to name and draw etc. They can upload their answers or pictures of them doing the tasks onto the app or onto Tapestry.


We are also going to be doing a treasure trail in the local community during the whitsun break for parents and children together. They will come into the setting then go out in groups with one member of staff per group to follow clues and find answers with easy to follow instructions on an iPad.


It's definitely easier using technology, if we give parents paper, it gets lost before they get home and gets forgotten easily.

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