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I was recently on a training course and whilst discussing learning journals a practitioner using another system mentioned that they had the facilities to link observation into the British Values. Is this something tapestry would consider doing? I feel it would greatly benefit the staff to understand how British values link in with the EYFS as well as getting them used to the jargon that is used within them.


Many thanks



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Hi Sarah,


Thank you for your message. The 'British Values' are not used as an assessment framework and therefore have not been included on the Tapestry platform - nor are there are plans to include them in the near future.


In-fact there are several articles that can be found online which highlight how the 'British values' have already been implicitly embedded in the Early Years Foundation Stage since 2014. They've been in there the whole time, they just haven't been directly expressed as 'British values'.


As long as you can demonstrate to OFSTED how you recognise the links between the British Values and EYFS and actively promote it within your setting as daily practice (which I am sure you already do!), there's no need for displays, additional planning or linking it to children's learning journeys.


I hope this can put your mind at ease about not necessarily having to link observations to how they promote the fundamental British values!


If at any point you would like to mention in observations about the links to the values, this can be included in the 'additional information' box on the observation page.



FSF Team

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Hi Sneha,


Thank you for your feedback. We are confident with the British values as a management team within the setting, however, we are always looking for new ways of helping the staff to familiarise themselves with them.


We know that they are embedded within the EYFS and our everyday practice but what we would like to work on is our staffs confidence with them.


Thank you for taking the time to reply



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