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Options for adding and displaying infomation of observations


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Tapestry is great and I know everyone is working hard to develop things but it would be good to have a few more options in terms of observation information etc.

  • I would like to see an option that allows settings to choose whether they would like to have the time the observation was added on the observation.

For me, having the date is sufficient and I do not wish relatives to know that I am adding observations sometimes at odd times of the day and night. Therefore I end up having to manually go back and change it (along with the date if I am running behind!). This is very time consuming.


I understand a date may be needed to order the observations if more than one is added on the same date but it would be useful to be able to have the option of making this visible or not.

  • It would be useful when uploading an observation via the app to be able to select or change the date if it wasn't being added on the same date. Maybe on the Notes tab, above the Title box, a drop down menu or roller dial thing (similar to when we used to use 2buildaprofile) could be added in order to change the date if needed.
  • It would also be good to have other options such as whether to have the name of the person adding the observation visible to parents. The settings chosen could also be reflected in the pdf downloads.
  • Would it also be possible in the manage relatives page to be able to filter the relatives by chn linked to key group worker or by class. This would make it easier to see at a glance which relatives from your own class have logged in etc rather than wading through all of them or searching individually. Sometimes parents names are not the same as children and it's sometimes hard to spot them!

Sorry for throwing a lot of things at you but thank you!



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Hi Sprinkles,

I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying using Tapestry so far!


Thank you for the suggestions! If there are any other Tapestry users reading this that would also like to see any of the above functions added please do let us know - we tend to add new things based on how popular they are.


The good news is I can see that the ability to change the date on the app is already on our to do list! It doesn't look as though any of your other suggestions are though (yet!).


I'm afraid It might not be possible to add the key group sorting option to the manage relatives page. This is because relatives can often have multiple children linked to them and those children are likely to be in different key groups, which would confuse things. If it's a popular suggestion though we can have a think about another way to show you that information quickly :1b .

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