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Am hoping to set up tapestry in the next few weeks and am currently collecting emails from parents.


We have a few parents from the traveller community who don't have an email address, and also cannot read/write. Just wondering how people get around this? Have people set up email accounts for them? Or have just sat down with them once a week to show obs etc?


Any tips as to what to do would be great full!


Thanks in advance

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You don't have to have an email address for every parent - they just can't access the online journal without it. Can you not continue doing whatever it is you do now for those few (?) families. I would've thought going through journals once a week could be a bit time-consuming.

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Hello Lizziebird94,

I hope everything is going well in the lead up to starting with Tapestry!

Lois is right, they do need to be set up on Tapestry with an email address. However, that email address doesn't have to be a real one. They could be set up with a fake email address (made up by you), for example johntapestry@lizziebirdsnursery.co.uk. If you do decide to do that though, please make sure you don't use a common domain name like hotmail or gmail as chances are someone will actually own the address you use. You should also make sure their notification preferences are set to 'internal'.

Doing this will mean that you will have to manually set them a password and tell them what it is and if they forget their password you will have to manually reset it for them.


Please note that they will need access to the internet to log into Tapestry, so if they do not have that, they will not be able to access Tapestry, even if a relative account is set up for them.


The other thing you could do is just export a PDF copy of the journal for them every so often (perhaps every term) and just give them a printed copy. If they can't read or write the notes probably won't be much use to them, but at least that way they can see the pictures.

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