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We came back after Christmas to the 'new' Tapestry. This may or may not be a the cause of the problems we're having printing observations.

For various reason we print all our observations and it's never been a problem. We used the box with an upward pointing arrow to the right of the browser bar.

Since Christmas, what prints off is twice the size it used to be. I've found an alternative way of printing which is: to use the 'export/ printer' friendly route at the top of the obs. This was ok at first, although what printed off was smaller than we would like. But now we're finding that what prints off is unpredictable in size, even if you print off two observations in immediate succession they can be different sizes.. It even happens if you print off two copies of the same observation.


We haven't got a new printer and I haven't altered any of the settings so I'm at a total loss to know what's going on. I only know it's driving me mad (as are the staff who think I know the answer to everything :rolleyes:)


I'd be so grateful if anyone could tell me what's going wrong, and even better, how to put it right.

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In the current version of Tapestry we've switched to a new PDF export for all the printable output. This allows us greater control of the page layout and means you have the choice to either keep the PDF on your computer or print it onto paper (or both). The default export format is mainly designed for viewing the PDF on screen. The compact version makes the text and spacing smaller to save paper when printing, and the printer friendly version is the same as the compact version but also removes background colours to save ink.


When you find that the sizes of observations are unpredictable, what exactly do you mean? Is it the text and/or images that change size, or is it the amount of space it takes up on the page? Do you see the difference when viewing the PDF on screen or is it only after it's been printed on paper?

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This seems a little similar to something I mentioned before as we had children leaving prior to parents accessing tapestry we printed off the journal but I tried compact and printer friendly but both used paper which wasn't needed. On one sheet I had two large photos and the next page one line of the observation. The photos are all taken on the same tablet in the same setting so not sure what else we could have done. Both versions did similar things and although it is online and I shouldn't need to print them there will be the odd occasion where we have to do so. Feedback from parents was that they were great but could have been laid out better (I think they thought I had arranged them like that).

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When was it that you printed off your journals? For a while recently there was a problem which meant that the compact and printer friendly formats were just doing the same as the default format, but this has since been fixed. You might want to give it a try again and see if it's any better now.

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