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Continually being logged out


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Our staff access Tapestry with a PIN, which means each device has to be logged in first by a manager, using a password. This means that only managers have access from outside the setting - which is what we want.

Since we returned after Christmas it has been a nightmare. Where once the iPads would stay logged in unless and until someone accidentally logged them out instead of switching users, now they seem to be doing it whenever they're left unused for any length of time. This certainly happens overnight but can also happen several times a day. We're all becoming really frustrated at the time it's wasting.

Does anyone else have this problem? I'm wondering whether it has anything to do with the 'new' software which we came back to after Christmas.


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Hi Lois -
Sorry you're having problems. Are you saying the apps are regularly logging out completely, so you have to use a full email and password to log back in again rather than the PIN?


Can you give me the version number of the apps you're using? It doesn't look to me as though you've put a support ticket in about this, so you might prefer to give further information via a ticket?

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You don't need to worry it might be you doing something wrong Lois - we're quite happy to receive queries like that, especially if it's causing frustration, and perfectly nice if it turns out to be a misunderstanding! :1b

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For the benefit of anyone else with this problem, I am now told it's a refinement added by the Tapestry developers in the interests of security. If your staff have PIN only access you will need to keep logging them back in during the day as they will be logged out after a period of inactivity. All the way back to the password login screen.

There are two possible solutions. Give everyone full password access (bearing in mind that this will allow access from outside the setting) or have them just use the app. This will not need you to keep logging them back in. It will however not allow them to do anything other than add/ view observations.

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Ooh that's sounds like a nightmare - we haven't noticed that. How long do you get before you are logged out? Is this the app or the proper computer?

We've got a big nursery too and only our room leaders, like you, have email access so they manage the tablets in their rooms themselves and log their team in if there's any problem. They're the only ones who are allowed to work on Tapestry away from the nursery. Our staff only use the app in the rooms - they use the proper computer version when they have their PPA time and then they finish off obs and do their assessments. We literally take a quick picture or write a few key words on the app in the room and then sort it all out later.

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