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Getting staff on same wavelength


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Hi all,


I am looking for some advice on how I can encourage the team to understand expectations and the reasons behind my theories and madness??


I often feel that the team don't get me and therefore there are frustrations and problems.


Any thoughts would be great as I would like the team to work with me, but understand my ethos and expectations too.



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Hi Pickles


I make sure that ideas and changes are brought up at staff meetings where we can discuss them properly. I outline what I have in mind and the reasoning behind it, the benefits that i think it will bring, maybe the legislation demanding it and then ask for everyone's thoughts. Often things will need further clarification and having the time to go through things properly is important. I ask if anyone can think of a better way of achieving the goal because feeling that changes are imposed on the staff team without any input from them can lead to low morale.


If it's a change to any paperwork they are doing, I make sure that I have a filled out example and give everyone a copy to look at because sometimes things can seem very clear to you as the instigator of the change but go over people's heads when you explain it.


As a manger, you are the leader of a team but also a PART of that team and ensuring that all feel ownership of their role seems an important aspect, to me.


(They may all still think I'm nuts of course but at least they get their say ::1a )

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We also involve the staff in the development planning at the beginning of the year and encourage them to add to it and make suggestions. When we update the plan (1/2 termly) we ask if anyone has got anything they would like to add. Also, starting this year, if someone is doing higher level study or has been on a course we are going to ask them to add one thing to the development plan that we could do to improve our provision.

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