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Does anyone have a'Personal Safety and Risk Assessment for Staff policy' or equivalent?


I have been on a course and they suggested we have one of these to protect staff e.g. from an irate/abusive parent and that measures should be in place to address this should it happen.


Anyone have such a thing? I am a school nursery but we do not have a school policey on this and Head has asked me if I can get hold of a sample.





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Hi Megsmum, we went around this issue a while back following an attack on a member of staff. We had certain actions in place mentally but not written down. We thoguht long and hard about what had happened, what we did, and whether or not we acted appropraitely. We dont have a unique policy for this, it was incorporated into out health and safety policy.


I dont have a copy with me but it goes along the lines of


staying calm (!!)..referring the situation to SMT or the Head


making sure there is always another adult nearby when talking to a parent (one of which should call for SMT if neeeded) especially if it is known that this person can get irate and/or aggressive. This is especailly important if you arrange to speak to a parent at the end of the school day.


The dispute is removed as much as possible from the children.


if the dispute is over a child (as it was in our case), that the child is removed to a place of safety.


If you are isolated (eg a portacabin across the playground), that you have a panic alarm or phone.


However, just writing it into policy isnt enough, it doesnt matter what is written down, when faced with a difficult situation, you can react on emotion. You need to talk this through as staff and we now dedicate staff meetings occasionally to this, to make sure that everyone (including new staff and students), is aware of the procedures.


But I'm sure there will be other members that do have a specific policy they can share with you?

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