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Hi Everyone


I am hoping to get some advice...


My setting has been using Tapestry for a couple of months- its fantastic! I gave our permission forms to all our parents asking for their consent for their child to have an online learning journey. Everyone brought their form back bar 1 parent.

When I asked if she had received the letter, she expressed concerns with photos, information being online. I assured her that its a secure system however she is still very hesitant to sign the letter.


My next point of call is to suggest that we don't put photos/ videos on and to use a made up name for the child. Then we can still have the observations and assessments for the child without any personal information on.


I really don't want to go back to having written observations and printing out photos as it defeats the whole point of going online.


What is everyone's thoughts on this?

Has anyone had any similar experiences and what did you do?

Is there a Data Protection Policy for Tapestry?


Thank you in advance



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Hello Laura,

Tapestry is a secure system - have you given your parent the security document to read? - you can find it on your home page - if you go to your account and click on the control panel you will see it in the 'important documents' box. This is extremely comprehensive and hopefully will reassure your parent. Additionally, have you been through the Tapestry protocol document and shown the parent the many ways in which you have taken measures to protect children and their data?

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I like the idea of making the child a pseudonym....how does the Mum feel about this. It doesn't surprise me that parents may have an issue with this (although I haven't come across it yet!) we know that parents often have an issue with online info. I don't think we can say "well that's the way we do it ...tough luck."

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