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Child Transfer and Parent Access


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We have 2 settings both using Tapestry, recently we have had a child transfer from one setting to the other, the child was transferred successfully and the staff are able to upload observations etc, but the childs parent can not access any of the observations been added since the transfer.

The parent is recieving notifications when observations are added.


We have migrated to the new version, but the child was transferred in September and hasnt been able to access her observations since then, she has deleted her app and redownloaded it and has completely signed out and back in.


Is there any reason for this or anything we can do.



Thank you

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I suspect that the parent is still active at the sending setting, and this is preventing her from logging into the receiving setting. The Tapestry app is not yet capable of letting you choose which setting to login to if you are registered at more than one, it will just log you into the first setting for which your email address and password are correct. When relatives are transferred, their login details remain the same, so they have 2 accounts at 2 different settings with the same email address and password. This means that the app will only ever log them into one of the settings. To fix this, you need to make the relative inactive at the sending setting, which will prevent the app from trying to log them into there.

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The relative accounts can be transferred along with the children. Just remember to tick the box to send them and then tick the box to receive them. There are a couple of things to bear in mind when transferring relatives.

  1. They will be inactive at the receiving setting when they arrive.
  2. They will keep the same email addressat the receiving setting, but their password will be removed.

Because of 1, the receiving setting will have to make them active before they are able to access. Because of 2, their passwords will need to be reset at the receiving setting. Also because of 2, they will either need to be made inactive at the sending setting or use a different password for the receiving setting. The reason for this is that the Tapestry app doesn't have the ability to choose which setting to login to. If you are registered at two settings with the same email address and password, the app will just log you into the first one it finds. If the relative no longer needs access to the sending setting, you should make them inactive there. Otherwise, if they need access to both settings and want to use the app, they need to have a different password for each setting.

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