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Sharing children with another setting who use Tapestry


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We have just had a child who has signed up to come to our setting but will still also be attending her current setting who use Tapestry. Is there a way that we can both upload observations for that child? I know we can transfer children but haven't come across this before

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Each Tapestry account has its own database, for security reasons, and this means that settings cannot 'share' the same Tapestry account, but there are a couple of options of how you can proceed.

Option 1: One of you could be added to the other package as a relative, then you would be able to comment on the same journal and you would be able to see what they have added. The drawback here is that you would not be able to see any assessment data unless the setting has clicked that all parents can see all assessment data and relatives cannot add assessments to observations. It is not possible to select which relatives receive assessment details and which do not.

Option 2: One of you could be added to the other package as a member of staff, then you would have full access to that child's data. To do this without creating safeguarding issues you would need consider the following:

If the package the other is added to only allows staff to see their key children, then they just need to add the member of staff for the other setting and attach the child as a key child.

If the package the other is added to does allow staff to see all children, or children other than their key children, you can proceed as follows:

  1. All children that a staff member in the first setting might want to observe are set as key children, this could possibly be all children.
  2. They then set all staff to be able to see only their key children.
  3. Then they can set manual 'groups’, then they will be able to use the groups filter to look at different things for analysis purposes. There will then be groups called 'X's' key children etc.
  4. The member of staff for the second setting can then be added as a staff member and assigned the child as a key child.

The drawback to option 2 is that analysis data will be limited so staff will still need to compare attainment/progress etc. manually with the cohort in the other setting, also if the child is in group photo the second setting key person will see their faces. You would need to think about whether this is a problem and if you can get permission for this.

Option 3: Export the learning journal at the end of a set period and share this with the other setting and vice versa.

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