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Group activity with a number of children


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I'm looking into tapestry for my local pre-school. I use it as a childminder and my daughter's preschool are thinking of starting to use an online system.


They currently plan weekly activities around a theme and have little observation sheets made up with the activity aim, about 3 different areas covered in 3 different age bands. Then when the person runs the activity they write the childs name at the top, tick which area/age band the child fits into and adds extra comments at the bottom.


My question is, is there a way that the manager could set up, easily, an observation that is attached to every child's name in the setting, but that is only shown in that child's learning journey and that the key person could update with the comments and development area.


It's not really a multiple child observation as all the children are at different stages in their development and only the key person would know where that child is developmentally.


I hope this made sense as it's late and I've been playing around with my account and test observations all evening!!





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For group activities you can add all children, add a bit to say what they are doing, then via the browser version you can split the ob so they are all then individual, I tend to add mine in key groups in the first place rather that the whole group so I can change the author to key person first, I like to add different logos as the thumbnail so staff can quickly pick the obs to add further evidence to before they are submitted to the journals :-)

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