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New Laws On Minimum Age In Private Nurseries?


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Hi -

I'm posting this on behalf of a member who prefers not to post it herself. Any ideas anyone? :D


Please can you tell me if there have been any new laws or guidelines

regarding age discrimination in private nurseries. I work in a private

(Montessori) nursery in the London area and we have been told we must drop

our entry age from two and a half to two. I wondered if this was accurate


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I have just been on the NDNA website and there is nothing on there about new legislation regarding minimum ages. It would be useful to who told this person and when is it supposed to come into force? I find it hard to believe that nurseries can be told that they have to take children younger than they are doing. As a pre-school we can take children from 2-2 1/2 but we don't-we take them from 2 years 9 months. Does that mean we are discriminating? Having just had our OFSTED inspection nothing was mentioned about it.


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Hi Linda -

I agree with you but I'm not an expert. I think the member who asked me to post it was unsure about the person who had told her as well - so it could well have been someone who was giving out inaccurate information. For what it's worth, this is what I suggested in my email to her:

As far as I know there is no legislation that says you HAVE to take a 2 year old, although the new Ofsted category for nurseries is over two and under five.

so nurseries are allowed to, but hopefully not compelled to.


But as I said, I'm not an expert! :D

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Dear All,

When I received my new revised registration after I had increased my numbers by 2, the registration certificate said I was able to take children from 2, when I questioned the Ofsted inspector why this was, she told me that their computer cannot accept halves i.e. 2 1/2 years!!!!! What does this say to you? But I didn't have to take in children from 2!! Poses a slight problem when parents look at the certificate and ask why I cannot take their 2 year old!!


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