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We had a team meeting today about ages & stages of development. One of the points for discussion was that sometimes you can see a child is emerging into lets say 30-50 months from an observation, so you record the observation on tapestry so it then puts the child into that age band of learning but they may of not yet been secure in the age band below so this qives a false indication of the child's age & stage. Is there a way we can recognise the child achievements in curtain aspects of their learning without giving a false indication of the age & stage on Tapestry?

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Also, you don't have to assess every observation. What some settings do, if they are not exactly sure where a child is within an age band, is they complete a number of observations taking into account all the different attributes expected within that age band and then look at the observations holistically and use their professional judgement to put a refinement to the age band - that way they can gather more evidence until they are sure. Alternatively, you can assess every observation within an aspect and then Tapestry will take an average for analysis purposes.

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