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Changing term dates on tapestry


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I have seen that the previous manager created the dates for term 1 as 1st september to 15th October. I think this was done to use as baseline but I have found the baseline facility and changed this as necessary. So now I would like to change the october date. I am worried to try as I am faced with this warning:


Note that changing the assessment periods invalidates the existing manually overriden summative assessments. Once the new settings have been saved this data cannot be retrieved. To avoid loss of data, click the reset button below before saving the settings.


I am concerned that I will lose the data I have collected so far as I have overriden assessments..... can someone help me or shall I just leave it for now?


Debbie :blink:

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I would just leave it for now if that's not too much of a problem. If you need to change it by just a couple of days then send us a support ticket. If you are really keen to change things and the dates are more than a couple of days then I have written this little 'workaround' that might help you.


"You can absolutely change your term dates - but it will override the existing assessments that have been made manually - the ones that were automatically generated (i.e. assessments attached to observations) will carry forward into the new terms.

Baseline assessments will be unaffected. That the manual assessments don't carry forward is a pain I know and we are working on making it so this doesn't happen - but this change won't be in place until next year. So if you want to change the dates this year you will need to do the following:
1. Get an overview of your children's current assessment points (and the assessment points for previous terms where you have data you want to save). To do this: Snapshot screen > summative assessment > group view > select appropriate term date (for all the terms you want to save the data for) > export/print those pages (you will need the data they have on them later)
2. Make sure you have a copy of all the term's data you want to keep!
3. Then you can change the dates: Control panel. Settings > summative assessment > change assessment periods > then save the changes
4. Go back to your snapshots > summative assessments > individual view. You will then be able to put back in the manual assessments you made before you changed the terms dates - you will need to change all the children for all the time periods individually > save your work"
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