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Hi Mollymoo,

Maybe you and cheekymonkey will start to make better use of the childminding section of the forum, as it seems to lie dormant for much of the time.  :)  Glad to have you on board.  :D


Yes this hasnt gone unnoticed surely there are more accredited childminders that can make good use of this website??

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Hello new people, xD:D


A big welcome to you


I have been a member for a while but do not manage to get here as much as I would like - hmmm could be something to do with the fact that I work full time as a network coordinator supporting 43 childminders


I am always looking to reduce the amount of paperwork that EYE providers have to deal with but between CCF (Children come first, the ncma quality assurance scheme for networks) and Ofsted you do not stand a chance!


the network has to answer to auditors from ncma and the local authority (if that is where funding comes from) so everything we ask is to provide proof that we really do have excellent childminders on the network working to a high standard and that we are doing our job in supporting those childminders


because you work on your own there has to be some way of 'proving' that you are providing a balanced curriculum


my experience is that most childminders produce far too much evidence and spend too long on planning and providing learning experiences, some do not seem to value the everyday routine experiences that they are already providing


that is not to say that they do not need to plan some activities or experiences but these need to enhance the already good provision not replace it


time and again childminders say that they just want time to play with the children - I say CARRY ON ! but think about the learning that is going on while you are having a great time playing and try to find a simple way to provide the evidence required by the network or ofsted


OOOPs turned into a bit of a rant - maybe it is just as well I don't get on here too often :o


P S anything posted here is my own opinion and I would ask that people respect this as I would thiers and not take anything said here outside of this forum


ta very much



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Hi mollymoo and welcome. Perhaps you and cheekymonkey could be ambassadors for the forum and start spreading the word amongst other childminders about the support they can get on here. It's good to have a diversity of settings and opinions!

Enjoy the forum!


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