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Option to export reports to Excel as well as PDF


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Currently we are able to export reports on thoroughness, attainment and progress to PDF files. Would it be possible to export these to Excel, allowing them to be combined i.e. having progress sitting alongside the thoroughness to give it some context? (better still when we have the number of observations per child).


Also, it would be really helpful to be able to filter by more than one level. As a children's centre, we have a number of rooms and age-groups and this determines how we set up our key groups. If I choose to analyse a group e.g. pre-school, it would also be nice to see a comparison of boys and girls within that group. Is this possible at present?





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Hi Simon and Moira,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you about this.

It won't be possible to export the graphs in the Analysis section to CSV but we can certainly look at adding that option in for the tables. One of our next major projects will be to overhaul analysis on Tapestry so it is possible that it will be added in as part of that.


I'm afraid it's not currently possible to filter by more than one level of characteristic, but you can compare key children groups or add other manual groups (from the Manage Groups section of your Control Panel) for the specific children you would like to compare e.g. preschool girls.

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