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United Nations World Wildlife Day (03,03,17) Any ideas?


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It is United Nations World Wildlife Day on 3rd March and we are working with a group of preschools who want to plan some activities that involve the children, parents and the local community.

If we are to encourage sustainable citizenship then we want the children to be doing something and not just talking to them about it. We also think it is important not to be negative when we ‘do’ education for sustainable development. The press this week has been reporting on a study that suggests that 70% of all the world’s mammals, fish, reptiles, birds and amphibians are on course to be wiped out over the fifty year period ending in 2020. Of course we should be very concerned about this but we can’t wait for the children to sort this out for us. There isn’t time… What we think the children need is to begin to learn about our interdependence with the natural world, to be celebrating the victories of conservation, and to be committing themselves to supporting them.

There are masses of resources online – for details of conservation projects see:

British Wildlife Centre

Wildlife Trusts


Our everyday life

We like the Alderholt Sunbeams Nursery Bat Project

For details of their Kenyan preschool partner activity see here.

There are also some good ideas on the World Animal Day web site – and the Wildlife Trusts

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Hi everyone, Some of the settings that John and I have recently visited in Kent mentioned that they would like to encourage growing, and care of plants, so that children learn to respect plants, learn about interdependence and food chains. We have a great activity to share with you in the settings to support this, but in the meantime I attach hereto a couple of links which might be useful to get any green finger projects started. The second links provides information about attracting wildlife to your gardens.





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