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It would be great if you could split a group observation in the app and not just on the website. Also, it would be really helpful if we could change the date of any observations in the app too. The only other thing that might be helpful is, again in the app, being able to change the observers name after an observation has been saved. These additions would stop the need to keep on swapping between the app and the website.

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Good morning!

The app was specifically designed to be very simple and straightforward so that staff can log in on their page and make their observations. Can I ask why you want to change the date of an observation? Also, I'm not sure why you would want to change the name of the observer? the app already allows you to switch user very easily so you shouldn't need to change the observers name?

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Thank you for the reply, I sometimes upload observations on different days, eg at the weekend, or if it's been a busy week I may have a few days of photos to upload at once, so I like to change the date to make sure they are as accurate as they can be. Also, we sometimes upload a generic context to the notes section for an experience that all children in our cohort will access so one teacher will select all children, we then split the obervation so when we teach this experience in our own classes we can add individual quotes and photos for each child. It would just make it quicker to be able to split this beginning of an observation and change the teachers name to the class teacher's name meaning that we wouldn't have to upload it under one name and then repeat it for the next teacher's name.

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Okay, thanks for clarifying that and for the suggestions. The possibility of adding some/all of those features in is something we will discuss :1b .

Have you updated to the new version of Tapestry yet? When you are adding observations in the way you described above, you might find it better to just use that for the whole process. That way you won't need to switch between the app and the browser, and because the updated version has been designed to be responsive to the size of the device you are using, you should find using the browser on a tablet a lot easier than you may have done when you were on the original version.

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