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Using App or Browser?


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Hi ,


We are juts trialing Tapestry and I have started to use the App on the tablet but note that things like the next step stuff etc is not on the app but on the browser. So my question is do most people use this system via the browser or a combination of both? Or am i missing something


many thanks



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It's a combination of both generally, Lisa.


The apps are only intended for uploading, viewing and editing observations. All management and admin functions need to be done via a browser. This is a deliberate split - making the app full featured would also make it a less simple way to do the main function of Tapestry, which is to take and view observations (parents use the same app to view their child's journal). While we will begin to add extra functions such as Next Steps in the future, we'll probably never, for example, give it admin and management functions such as adding children or viewing snapshots.


I'm assuming you're trialling the new version of Tapestry? This should make using the full version through Safari or your chosen browser a much better experience than the old version, as it adjusts itself to the size of the screen of your chosen device.

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