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As a manager in a nursery, I usually carry out Group progress reviews looking at each key person and the progress their children have made across for the whole time they have been their key child, rather than just a specific period. I have then used this to identify whether their children seem to be consistently behind in any specific areas or consistently ahead in any area etc. Anyway, I've recently moved over to tapestry and I'm having a lot of trouble finding a screen that tracks a key persons children from when they started to now, showing information on whether they are above/below or on target. Does anyone know where I can find this that is easy to understand as I normally print it out and discuss with the staff.

I was originally using the West Sussex group progress monitoring tool, am I going to need to go back to this?

Sorry for the long winded post and many thanks in advance for anyone's help :)


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Hello Gemma,

Well done on making your first post!


There are a number of ways you can do this, I am assuming you are using original Tapestry and not our updated version?

I'm linking you to a series of tutorials about the different snapshot and analysis options - have a look and which one gives you what you need;

You are able to selectt key person groups and assessment dates to fine tune the results you are look for

Snapshots - summative assessments this will show you where child are 'at' now

Snapshots - age band tracker this will show you children's progress over time

Analysis brief this will quickly explain to you how the attainment, progress and thoroughness details work

Analysis full as above, only in more depth

How Analysis data is calculated explains how the information you put in on assessments is used to calculate the graphs in the analysis sections


You definitely don't need a paper track as well - the graphs can be exported and saved electronically so that they can be added to staff files if necessary

If you need more help just ask!

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