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Well done on making your first post! - We look forward to hearing more from you!


There are two answers to your question depending on whether you are talking about the browser or the app version of Tapestry.


Firstly, the browser: You can use the page filters (top middle of your screen) to narrow down exactly what staff want to be able to see when they are using the browser

If this is about the app then it is a little more complicated but we are working on getting better filters for the app - these are in development now and will hopefully be ready to roll out before the end of term

So, on the app if you want all baby room staff to see all the babies ....

1. Make a group (control panel > groups) called 'the baby room' and include all babies in it - then when you use 'analysis' you will be able to filter down to see just these children if that's helpful

2. Make a series of groups (control panel > groups) called 'staff name key children' and make key person groups for all the baby room room staff, put their key children in the group - then, again in 'analysis', you can look in detail at a particular key person's group.

3. On your manage staff page - put all baby room children with all baby room staff as 'key children'

4. Each member of staff logs into their own account (on the browser) sets their 'preferences' (by clicking on their name, top right) to show only key child on the app - then, because you have set all baby children to be key children for all baby room staff they will all be able to see them - and because you have the staff key children set up as individual 'groups' you will be able to see them usefully in analysis for things like staff supervisions and appraisals.

Hope that helps!

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