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I have managed to delete nearly all of the families that have moved onto school off the relatives page- however I have this message on a couple of relatives pages

''This user has already made observations, reports or comments and so cannot be deleted''

I don't want the relative on the system at all any more as they have moved into school- how do I do this? Making them inactive is not what I wish to do.



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At one point it was possible to delete relatives if the child they were associated with had been deleted. However, we were finding that occasionally settings would reactivate a deleted child but the observations made by the deleted relative were not reactivating properly. Consequently, we have changed the way that Tapestry works.
Now, it is not always possible to delete relatives from your Tapestry package. If you are using the updated version of Tapestry you can only delete a user if they have no observations, comments or reports. This remains the case even if those observations are in a "deleted" state i.e part of a deleted child's journal. So really, you're only going to be able to delete a relative if they have never added anything to Tapestry.
If you are using the original version of Tapestry, you can only delete a relative if they have either never added anything to Tapestry or if what they have added has specifically been deleted. Deleting the child won't allow you to delete the relative - you would need to go through all of the relative made observations and delete them individually.
You can make relatives inactive at any point though which will remove them from your list of 'active' relatives and will mean they are unable to access Tapestry.
Hope that gives you some clarification
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So what will happen next year to parents/children that go onto school ? will they now always be on our list of parents as they have been interactive through tapestry with us. We are going to end up with soooo many parents yearly on the list. Can this not be modified that when you have transferred files to a school those parents can then be deleted. I understand that these parents can be made ''inactive'' but we only make parents active at certain times in the term and rather than now just activating all parents I will have to go through each parent individually- quite time consuming.

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When your children move onto school next year you will make them inactive to make space in your package for your new children. We have many users who need a quick look back at a child's details after they have made them inactive - e.g for an Ofsted inspection or a SEN review. If the parent attached to that child has been deleted then when settings try to retrieve the observations and associated assessments it is often not possible and so analysis is at best inaccurate and at worst corrupted. We are planning to limit the number of inactive children and associated relatives over the course of next year - which will mean those children and parents will be deleted in time anyway and so you won't have an ever-increasing list of inactive parents :1b

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My problem is that last year I had a parents whose child has now moved to year one and we now have their sibling, but i can't use their email address it says "email is already active" How can i add the new sibling using the same email?

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What you'll need to do in that case is reactivate the parent and then attach the new child to them. You can do that from the manage relatives page in your control panel. Simply use your page filters to look for inactive relatives, then, when you've found them, the cog next to their names to make them active.


It's worth explaining to the parents that they should use the same login details as they did previously, but if they can't remember their password they can reset it from the 'having trouble logging in' link on the login page of the browser .

Are you on the updated version of Tapestry? It's also worth mentioning to them that they will need to login from tapestryjournal.com rather than eylj.org and update their app if you are.

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