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Hello all!


This is my first post of here so if I've missed anything, then please do let me know.


We have been using for Tapestry for a little while and love it. I'm just getting stuck into the analysis side of things and was wondering how everyone has their analysis set up for the 'Qualitative Ranges'.


For the 'Thoroughness' we have it set as follows:


Trailing 0 - 0.99

Satisfactory 1 - 1.99

Good 2 - and upwards


So, as a minimum we expect each child to have at least one observation in each area, each term.


But I am unsure how I should set up the other two (Progress & Attainment)


Many thanks



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Ah ok,


Maybe I should share what I know, to see if I can help anyone out.


For the attainment we have set ours to the setting that I've mentioned above so that every staff member should make at least one observation for each section throughout the term. What we have found that now we are tracking this and pushing staff on the quality of their observations that actually, 7 per child a term, that is very achievable (and we will be raising the bar). This has pushed the number of observations that we are doing and giving us a clearer picture on our children's progress.


I regards to the other two I found these article since I posted and found it very helpful...


How figures are calculated:




There is a whole sections on how they suggest you set up your Qualitative Ranges




Hope that helps?

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