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Forces Push And Pull


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Hi Brenda, I am guessing that the title comes from the qca unit on pushes and pulls.? If you havnt read the unit yet, you can find in online




I dont like the QCA schems that much but they do provide a useful starting point.


I would also take a look at the national curriculum programmes of study which will tell you what the children need to learn, and especially look at scientific enquiry as this is often left out of science schemes.


You will find them



That should help you with the scheme of work if you are having to write one and also the deatil in your lesson plans.


Once the forum seacrh is working again, try and search for forces, I know it has been covered before.


I hope that is helpful.

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Guest tinkerbell

Hi Brenda

Presume you are doing the QCA on forces.The BBC has a really good dvd or video on KS1 science clips with short 2 min clips covering the science in KS1. The forces one has an elephant pushing over a tree,children in the playground pushing and pulling toys, roundabout, gate .There are more but I have forgotten.The children could put labels on things in the classroom tha tthey push/pull. They could take photos of things that they push and pull. Story the enormous turnip and have them acting it out, tug of war??make it fair un fair can they predict what will happen?

Good luck

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