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We are starting these this month, but the EYFS lead has said I have to do the nursery nurses ones - she does their appraisals. She is a reception teacher. I would have thought she should link them to appraisal otherwise it's a bit disjointed? What do other school EYFS do?

Thank you

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It's ok - I am just getting really fed up with more and more being expected of me when I work mornings only. I have had to do all the admin for Tapestry - putting parents information on, setting it all up into key groups etc. And train myself and staff in how to use it. Line manager has done nothing at all - just told me to get on with it, it just has to be done. She gets a whole day out of class as PPA and management and now I am being asked to do this. I am going to write notes not type up, as they are working documents.


The actual problem is, one of my nursery nurses can't cope with the job requirements and I am being told that myself and the other nursery nurse have to help her by doing her bits as extra if she can't manage them. She has been here a year. We have both supported her and shown her everything several times, but she is very slow to pick things up and just never has time to do interventions/next steps, or forgets? Not sure why. She has very little on Tapestry and nothing much in Learning Journey which we use for adult activities/children's evidence of mark-making/Art work etc. We have just started using Tapestry this year. I think she should be picked up in appraisal. But she is not being. We have learning journey trawls, and myself and nursery nurse are being told we have too much, rather than she does not have enough. We don't when I compare ours to other settings at clusters/moderations etc. When we have base lined she does not know her children, so this is quite worrying. And last year her group did not make enough progress. I moved three out to make sure I got my performance management target, making up a reason, e.g. they had bonded with a child in my group, or they were not getting on with one of hers. I don't want to sound uncaring, but things are so fast paced and our children come in so low, lower each year, but still need to get as many to expected standards by end of year. And better nursery nurse has 3 young children, so I don't feel it is fair to expect more of her, and I am fitting in extra as teacher, so don't feel I should do her bits too. And now we have Tapestry it is unfair on her group's parents as they won't have much to look at, apart from adult activities which we put on for everyone, or extra bits I put on for everyone for special events.



Hey ho!

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