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Good afternoon,


At a recent staff meeting, the staff at our nursery brought up a suggestion for the tapestry app that I sent to Tapesty and they wanted to see if anyone else agreed with this suggestion.


On the Tapestry app, when creating an observation, Tapestry gives you a warning if you have missed the title of the observation or the key child.
What my staff suggested was when you create an observation with the EYFS criteria that we get a notification if the refinements aren't completed.

This is because a lot of observations in my setting have missed this which doesn't help with snapshots and assessments in Tapestry later on.


I don't know if anyone would like this as well but it would really benefit us.


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not all our obs would have an eyfs assessment. Like lunch club for instance which we post ideas for lunch ....or storytime which we tell the parents which story we have read to talk about at home. I don't really feel you need to add an assessment to every ob.

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